Holiday cottages

Go for a holiday cottage rental if you're looking to spend your vacation
in an intimate, natural and charming place!

Why go for a holiday cottage?

Those of you who are looking to spend a dream vacation in an unusual but very intimate place can opt for a cottage rental in the middle of a natural landscape and expect a one-off experience. A cottage is what every wilderness lover would go for when given the opportunity as it’s a very interesting choice for those going with family, friends and especially with a lover. All those who want to enjoy extraordinary landscapes along the beaches, in mountainous terrain or in the heart of a forest will be treated to unique spots when opting for cottage rentals available in a lot of holiday destinations.

Holiday cottages for rent are far from uncommon. To find one, simply choose the country / region / city of your destination, the budget to be allocated to your journey and what your expectations of this stay are, whether you prefer a more quiet place away from the city or a bit lively one without being too noisy…then book right away! Not that to do so, numerous websites like the following one, which is specialized in holiday rental in Ile de Re: myhomein-iledere, are at your disposal all over the internet. More tips on

Holiday cottage rentals, every nature lover's dream!

Accommodation is a perpetual torment for every holidaymaker, what does he choose for a vacation rental? What could be the decisive criteria for making the right choice anyway? What we’re certain of here is that all wilderness and unspoiled nature lovers would opt for a seaside or a forest cottage in order to please themselves and the whole family. Know all about Guernsey, Corsica or Innsbruck by staying in a cottage!

Cottage in nature

Cottage in nature

Renting a cottage means enjoying the morning sunshine and strolling in forested areas whatever your destination is.

Why a cottage?

We don’t think there‚Äôs anything better than a holiday cottage to fully satisfy your desire for nature and rustic life.

Cottages and business

About 35 million vacation days in cottage rrentals are sold each year with a straight turnover of about 450 million euros.

Cottage proposals

The rurality of a cottage is a marketable factor especially for city dwellers who lack green and pure fresh air.