Going to a weekend vacation: make some extra money by renting out your car

renting out your car

If you're heading away on a weekend vacation, why not rent out your car and bring in some extra money? What a simple way to earn some money, it's effortless on your part and you won't be using your car anyway! Think of the things that you could spend the money on: a fancy dinner out,e tickets to a show or an attraction or some sweet little gifts to bring back with you from your holiday. And if you're looking to rent your car in the UK, it's never been easier with Drivy UK. 

Peer to peer car rental in the UK on the rise

More and more people are moving towards private car hire now, as there are huge benefits both to the owner and the person who rents the car. It's practical, affordable and reliable. People are getting in on the trend by hiring out their cars when they don't need them, and when you know you're going on a holiday it's an excellent time to put your car up for hire. When you rent a car from owner using a service like Drivy UK, it's all handled through the app on the smartphone, making it no extra hassle for you. It's as easy as saying, 'I want to rent my car this weekend' - you add your availability to the calendar on the app and accept any requests that come in. Now you can head off on your luxurious weekend away and you can earn some money while you relax in the spa, explore new destinations and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Private car rental without the stress

You might be worrying that private car rental all sounds too stressful when you're heading away and you just want to relax. 'Really - rent my car in the UK? That must be complicated and time-consuming'. But it's possible to make the whole process really smooth and easy, ask Drivy to install the Drivy Open box into your car (it takes less than 2 hours!). Then you won't need to worry about communicating with drivers, being present for the initial car inspection and to sign forms. Drive Open can take care of this for you so that you can get into holiday mode even earlier. So now, not only will you get all the benefits of an amazing weekend away, you know that you're earning money at the same time! It's pretty hard to beat that.

So where will you head for your next weekend vacation?

Now there's even less reason not to set off on a weekend trip away. so where will you go? Maybe you already have a destination in mind. It could be a stylish and cultured city break touring galleries, museums and restaurants. Or it could be that you'd rather disappear off to a quiet countryside cottage, surrounded by woodland walks and spectacular scenery. Your friends won't be able to believe it when you tell them, 'When I'm away, I hire my car !' But the results will be clear when you can splurge on a candlelit dinner in a top restaurant or treat you and your partner to something special, without making a dent in your wallet. Or put the money you earn towards your next trip - what more encouragement do you need to book up your next long weekend away?

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