Rent a cottage for your holiday

cottage for your holiday

Renting a cottage for your holiday irrespective of the duration is an economical and flexible way to visit and explore some of the world's beautiful sites. You will find a vast range of properties ranging from beach chalets and thatched homes to former manor houses and converted windmills that accommodate a maximum of 25 persons. From self-catering services to first-class services, your holiday cottage can be as outstanding or as basic as you want it to be. Whether you decide to rent privately or via an agency, the following are some of the things you should consider to get the cottage you desire and to make your custom travel a memorable experience.

Have a clear picture of what you intend to hire

Before you book a holiday cottage, you should think realistically about what will best suit your original travel needs. Don't get carried away by an effusive recommendation or a lovely photograph. For instance, you should not go for a beachside cottage when you are planning for mountain climbing or a holiday cottage in an animal farm if you don't love animals, or a cottage in the midst of nowhere especially if you have no means of transport. Also, decide on the catering services you want. Some holiday cottages offer partial catering services, with meals either prepared or left in the fridge for you once you return from your endeavours. Others provide full catering services and even cater for parties as well. Visit the website, to help you choose the right offer.

Know the items you need to carry along

Many rental cottages will offer bed linen, but they will not include any extra sets. Other crucial items to consider will include tea towels, extra blankets, towels, matches, fire-lighters, and washing liquid. If you have young children do not forget to ask about stair-gates, high chairs and sleeping cots.

Check the terms and conditions of the business

If you are travelling with an animal ensure that you inquire about the pet policy of the cottage. Most of the holiday cottages around the world are pet-friendly but it is a good idea to know the owner's or agency's policy before you book. The areas with pet-friendly policies can have some conditions, such as the places in the cottage where the animals are not allowed. Moreover, if you are renting a rural cottage you should always lead your pet to prevent it from running over farmlands and scaring other domestic animals.

To avoid any disappointments and hostile surprises during your tailor-made travel, ensure that you know what you are accountable for when it comes to insurance in case of breakages and accidental damage. Some cottage rental owners or agencies will ask you for a non-refundable deposit during payment, while others will include a deposit which is refundable at the end of your holiday to bar any accidents.


You cannot book too early if you are renting a cottage for your holiday, particularly if you are planning for a getaway during the high seasons and school holidays. However, booking around six months ahead of time will ensure that you don't get any disappointments. For New Year and Christmas seasons, you can try booking 12 months in advance.

When you make reservations in a hotel, you have your expectations when it comes to facilities depending on the ratings of the hotel you have booked. These ratings give you a rough idea of the class of amenities and what to expect in your room meaning there are no surprises. However, with holiday rentals there are no rating systems, meaning you will generally get surprises. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, the above tips will help you make your dream travel as special and enjoyable as possible and give a memorable experience.

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